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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple lies, well that's nothing new

So today I was trolling around, and I noticed a post commenting on on Apple's ad strategy for combating Windows 7. What I read was very interesting. It stated that Apple's COO Phil Schiller said "we are going to continue to push on the virus issue and ease of use. He then added we will also be pushing on the lack of an path upgrade from Windows XP to 7." Wait.. what, this from the company who has said that all new Macs, released today, will only run Snow Leopard and are not backwards compatible to leopard and that if you bought a Mac less than three years ago ie. Power Pc Macs Snow Leopard will not run period. Forget upgrade path this thing wont run if you shot it with a cannon. Tye code for Power Pc chips has been striped out of the Os. Only Intel chips apply. So Apple has the balls to call out Microsoft for requiring people to do a full back up, which you people should be doing anyway, then install 7 and then re download your applications. Okay so a Saturday is lost upgrading to Windows 7. Well look at it this way five years from now when your friends are pleading with Apple not to obsolete there system, you can rest warm in that compatibility may mean a somewhat bloated Os but at least the shit will work. Listen with all the reports about users data being erased without so much as an explanation, (to get the whole story check out Engadget's article Snow Leopard 'Guest Account' bug deleting user files, terrorizing children? ) Apple better do some house cleaning before the do anymore poking of the giant. I have a feeling Snow Leopard could turn out to be Apple's Vista.

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