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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple sucks at advertising

Apple resorts to making fun of past versions of Windows to make them self feel better about there now decade old OS. By the way when did you air these ads from the 80's? I mean if were taking a stroll down memory lane it would be nice if the memories existed. I have to ask what was wrong with Windows 95, XP . Look Apple knows that buy the time
Windows 3.1 rolled around Apple knew they were getting there clock cleaned in the market. By the time Windows 95 appeared Apple was no more than a distant memory never to be seen or heard from again. Until the iPhone that is and credit where credit is due, that thing also sucks. I mean maybe it's just me but if Apple is selling this thing against a netbook as they showed at the iPod event last September. The fact that this thing can't multi-task is unacceptable . Even Steve Jobs (after he left Apple) was quoted "by the time Windows 3.1 appeared our advantage was gone." Basically , Microsoft had caught up". Well guess what Steve, Microsoft has done it to you again. Apple makes some great products buy the obsessive control will end up destroying the company it almost happened once. Apple was clearly in the lead for close to a decade but I'm afraid Microsoft my finally put to rest any idea of an Apple resurgence . 13 million Macs may sound like a lot but with "Microsoft" moving nearly 300 million a year it's just not enough. Apple had it's opportunity during the Vista years and they nearly squeaked out 2% gain on Microsoft. Apple makes beautiful hardware but soon the will all be running Windows... again. Enjoy. Just remember Apple the bigger you get, the bigger that target on your back gets. I'm just saying.Have no fear I'm sure Apple's ad agency are using Macs so these ads should just delete themselves.

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