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Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows Movie Maker is a hit!

Windows 7 brings with it a lot of new and exciting features. I for one lamented the fact the Microsoft never really took care to develop a strong suite of media software. Windows XP used outlook express for email and Movie Maker for just that. The problem here is that Outlook is a terrible program. Movie Maker just felt neglected. For to long Apple has been the domain of creative types. It is time that changed. Microsoft is releasing an new version of Movie Maker that if fantastic. Windows live now takes over Email, Photo's and a blogging tool that is also very good. One downside is that Microsoft doesn't include this suite nativly in Windows. It must be downloaded from Microsoft's web site. However many PC makes including Dell are preinstalling this suite for you. All of these programs are available for free and all on three operating systems except Movie Maker. That is Vista and 7 only. Here is a quick video of Movie Maker. Pretty good I think. Go download them and show your Mac friends, they maybe suprised that iLife isn't the only game in town anymore. Go to download.live.com.

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