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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama (doesn't) care

I don't think I will be covering politics on regular basis, however I feel there are some things that need to be addressed. Health care in this country has gotten out of control, it has become a health care war, where Joe Leiberman maybe the deciding vote.
The public option has been getting a lot of publicity for good reason. While I don't like the idea of taxes for health care, the real problem is the move form the public option to a single payer system. This means one health care provider, The GOVERNMENT. The thing is, this plan doesn't work anywhere in the world as well as what we have now. Let me give you an example. Call a your family doctor some morning because you kid is sick and they can see you that afternoon, not two weeks from now. The problem is it's expensive. Health care is expensive. Although so are cars, should we let the government buy them for us to? I say everybody will drive a Ford and it will cost us a the same as Lexus. Guys listen, the government never makes anything cheaper. Cash for Clunkers ended up costing almost three times the what the original bill had alocated. With this math it wont cost us 2.5 trillon over 10 years it will cost 7.5 trillion. Thats more money than the government spent from 1776 untill 2003 total. With no one to compete with in a one payer system everybody looses. The Democrat's in this country would have you believe that this is free health care or a cost neutral program. Which will not add to the national debt. The problem with this statement is math and logic. They would have you believe that if the government provides you a service that cost nothing from you at the time of service than it is free. People in this country have very short memories. Look the government doesn't earn money all it has it gets from you. I understand that this is an emotional topic for most people. I have an Aunt and Uncle that are self employed. They have to buy there own health care which cost way more than they can afford. With my Uncle recently having had a heart attack health care becomes an absolute necessity. We need a solution to this problem, that's obvious. However handing over 28% of the US economy to the government is a worse idea. They will raise your taxes in order to pay for this new program. So yes we will not be getting the money from another country they will be getting the money from you. So no addition to there bottom line, just yours. Nancy Pelosi has said that the taxpayers will not be paying for this. So if were not borrowing it and were not taxing for it, I would love to know where government gets money to pay for things, if not from taxpayers. Raffle tickets perhaps? The big rub here is that this article states that Lieberman lied by saying we don't need another government in title program. The left says it is not an entitlement program ie. Social Security. I will tell you something if you are going to tax me to pay for it I'm damn sure entitled to it. Last I want to point out that the are many more important things that the left refuses to look at like, limitation on lawsuit damages, cross state competition for health care providers that will bring cost down. The fact that we are not even having this discussion shows that the Democrats really want you on the government hand out. Trying to fix a crisis that only exists in their mind. Look people with the economy in shambles people are scared. They want to know that they're going too be ok. We all want too know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That's fine but don't turn to the government to help you or we may never get out. If you really want this ask the Britt's why they keep coming here. Also, ask the Canadians why the come here for knee and hip replacements instead of doing it at home? Something needs to be done, however the president isn't qualified to regulate health care and neither is the Senate. We need doctors and people making this decision, we are a country of majority rule. We as a people need to vote on this issue. The needs of many cant out way the few. Yes there are 50 million uninsured Americans, but there are 265 million insured ones.

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